2010 Calanus Life History Workshop Data Set Priorities

Calanus data sources

US GLOBEC Pan-Regional Synthesis: Life histories of species in the genus Calanus in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans and responses to climate forcing

View an abstract of the proposed work here.

The GLOBEC Pan-Regional Synthesis group on Calanus life histories held a workshop in Portland, ME on 22 March 2010. We identified a number of data types as priorities for compilation, which are described below with links to the current lists (provided as Google document spreadsheet files).

There is a web form here to submit additions to these data sets, which can be found here.

Data Types



Egg Production Rate

to determine the critical concentration (defined as 90% of the maximum value) of food which supports maximum egg production rate

Prosome-Weight Relationships

to explore variability in these relationships across the range of the Calanus species

To do

Lipid composition

for various life stages, not only C5, at various points throughout the year

To do

Abundance of dormant animals

this was done for the eastern Atlantic (Heath et al. 2004) but should be done for the middle and western regions of the basin

To do

Demographic time-series data

to determine the timing and duration of dormancy for Calanus spp. throughout their range

Stage specific vertical distribution

to add much needed depth information to the CPR data set

To do

The assembly of demographic time series and vertical distribution data is conducted in conjunction with the Pan-Regional Synthesis project of McGillicuddy et al. (see abstract here)

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