2005 Modeling Needs Related to the Regional Observing System in the Gulf of Maine

The Relevance of Modeling to Coastal Management in the Context of an Ocean Observing System for the Gulf of Maine Josie Quintrell
Gulf of Maine Circulation Modeling: Prospects for Skill and Critical Issues
Daniel Lynch
Incorporating Fisheries Oceanography into Ecosystem Based Management for Fisheries
Ken Drinkwater
Robert Chen
Ocean Observing and Operational Oceanography in Canadian Waters
David Brickman
Coupling Basin Scale to Gulf of Maine Models
Robert Beardsley
Present Status of Observing System Sample Collection and Data Acquisition
David Mountain
Coupled Physical Biological Models and the Observing System: the Rhomboid Approach
Peter Wiebe
Dougie Spiers
Marina Chifflet and Frederic Maps
Ocean-scale modelling of Calanus finmarchicus
Dougie Spiers

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Influence of Climate Variability and Change on the Ecosystems of the Sub-Arctic Inland Seas of Canada :A modeling approach.
Frédéric Maps
Marina Chifflet

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Lobsters and the Maine Coastal Current
David A. Brooks
A Northeast Atmosphere-Ocean Model System
Beardsley, Chan and Cowles
Inter-annual Variability of Springtime Zooplankton Transport into Cape Cod Bay
and the Implication to Right Whale Foraging Activity

Jiang, M.
A Physical-Biogeochemical Model of the Gulf of Maine: Near-Real Time Simulation
of Ecosystem Dynamics
(abstract only)
Fei Chai, Huijie Xue, Guimei Liu, Andrew Thomas, and Ryan Weatherbee
Estuary/Ocean Exhcnage and Tidal Mixing in a Gulf of Maine Estuary: A Lagrangian Modeling Study
Bigili, A.


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